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Expanded Graphite

Expanded graphite, also known as exfoliated graphite, is a type of graphite that has been processed to form a highly porous material with unique physical and chemical properties.
  • Expanded Graphite
  • Expanded Graphite
  • Expanded Graphite
  • Expanded Graphite
  • Expanded Graphite
  • Expanded Graphite


Thermal insulation
Gaskets and seals
A component in composites and coatings
Used in harsh or corrosive environments
Batteries and electronic devices

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The process of expanding graphite involves exposing it to high temperatures and then rapidly cooling it, causing it to expand and intercalate, or separate into thin layers.

The resulting material has a honeycomb-like structure and is extremely lightweight, with a density as low as 0.02 g/cm3. Expanded graphite is also highly permeable, with a large surface area and an interconnected network of pores that allow fluids and gases to flow through it easily.

Expanded graphite, also known as graphite intercalation compound or flexible graphite, is a type of graphite that has been processed to increase its volume and make it more flexible. Some of the characteristics of expanded graphite include:

High thermal conductivity: Expanded graphite has excellent thermal conductivity, making it an excellent choice for applications where heat needs to be transferred efficiently.

Good electrical conductivity: Expanded graphite is also a good electrical conductor, making it suitable for applications that require electrical conductivity, such as batteries and electronic devices.

Chemical resistance: Expanded graphite has high chemical resistance, which means it can withstand exposure to a wide range of corrosive substances without undergoing significant degradation or damage.

High surface area: Expanded graphite has a high surface area, which makes it useful in applications where adsorption or catalysis is required, such as in fuel cells and catalyst supports.

Flexible and compressible: Expanded graphite is highly flexible and can be compressed to a high degree without losing its properties, which makes it an excellent choice for gaskets and seals.

Low density: Expanded graphite has a low density, which makes it lightweight and easy to handle, yet still strong and durable.

Non-toxic: Expanded graphite is non-toxic and does not pose a health risk to humans or the environment.